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Using an AeroPress is a fast, easy and convenient way to brew excellent coffee. The keys to getting good results are: using high quality, fresh beans; grinding the coffee correctly; using clean equipment; using the right temperature of water and plunging correctly. This method uses an AeroPress brewer, coffee, AeroPress filters, a grinder, scales to weigh out coffee, a one minute countdown timer, and a mug for your coffee.

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Step 1

Grind and dose*: The coffee should be ground with a quality burr (rather than blade) grinder. This helps produce the most even sized coffee particles resulting in more even extraction, which helps reduce coffee that has increased bitterness and brings out the best flavor profile of the coffee. For this method we like to use 17 grams which is about one rounded AeroPress scoop of fresh ground coffee per brew.

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Step 2

Preparation: Assemble the brewer by placing the plunger inside the brewing tube with the black rubber part touching the bottom of the number 4 circle. (The numbers should be upside down, bottom meaning closer to the table. Then place the AeroPress filter inside the black filter cap and run hot water through the filter to rinse out any residual paper flavor.Doing this as shown will also preheat the mug. Fill the brewer with hot water to preheat it and carefully pour it out.

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Step 3

Put the ground coffee in the up-side-down aeropress.
Then do the initial pour; You should bring the water just to a boil (electric kettles are great at this) and then let it cool for about 45 seconds. Starting your timer (set to one minute), pour just enough water into the brewer to saturate the grounds and bring the level up to about the top of the 3 circle. This should be about 50ml or 1/4 cup

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Step 4

With the paddle, quickly stir the grounds into the water using a back, forth, up and down movement making sure there are no dry spots.

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Step 5

Final pour; As soon as you are done stirring, pour enough water to bring the total level to just above the 2 circle. This should be another 50ml or 1/4 cup bringing your total water volume to 100ml or about 1/2 cup.

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Step 6

Attach the filter; Place the rinsed filter assembly on top of the brewer and screw it tight.

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Step 7

When the timer goes off, carefully tip the brewer to a 45° angle and gently spin it for 10 seconds in order to softly stir the coffee.

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Step 8

Time to plunge!
Quickly and carefully flip the brewer onto the top of your mug and begin the plunge. Use steady gentle pressure, allowing 15 to 25 seconds to finish, and stop as soon as you hear the first hiss of air escaping.
You can drink it like this or...

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Step 9

Carefully remove the brewer and dilute the brew to taste with hot water (we recommend starting with 50/50. This gives a delicious longer cup of fresh coffee!

* You may be using already ground coffee from [hopefully ours] the coffee shop. Fresh ground coffee is always best but this will work for a few days, but note the flavours are best when the beans are ground fresh as the gasses in the beans which aid the aroma and flavour seep out faster as coffee gets older and is ground.
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